Recording Documents - FAQ's


  1. Does your office provide legal forms? If not, where do we get them?
    Stationery stores, some title companies have legal forms or perhaps the law library. Some customers get legal forms over the internet.

  2. What is Documentary Transfer Tax and what are the exemptions?
    (Info on preprinted forms)

  3. If the property is in the City of San Mateo , why do I have to fill out another tax declaration?
    The City of San Mateo is the only city that collects their own transfer tax in addition to the County’s - the rate is $5 per thousand.

  4. If I bring the blank legal form to your office, will you help me fill it out?
    No, it is against the Business & Professions Code for us to assist customers in filling out legal documents.

  5. Why did your office record a Mechanic's Lien or government lien against me? I want it removed.
    The agency or organization that prepared the lien is the place you need to go to resolve the issue as they are the one who should record the release of lien. Regarding Mechanic's Liens - you can go to court to resolve the problem - A Mechanic's Lien can be released through a court order.

  6. What are the time limits on certain documents (eg Mechanic's Liens, Notices of Completion)?
    The Recorder's Division can not give out legal information regarding documents. You may want to look up such information at a law library.

  7. Can your office help with a title search on property?
    The Recorder's Division does not conduct title searches. Customers can come in or send someone in to look up the information that they need.