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The Daily Journal


January 8, 2008


By Dana Yates



Sophia, Daniel top names once again



In the coming years, school rosters will be flooded with traditional names such as Sophia and Daniel.

Those two names topped the list of the most popular names given to babies in San Mateo County last year. Sophia has been the top name in the county three of the last five years. Daniel is consistently in the top five, but moved up from the number four position it held in 2006. In 2007, 36 girls were named Sophia out of a total of 2,430 born in the county. Isabella was a close second with 35 girls given the name. Daniel made a comeback to the top spot, with 35 baby boys given the name out of a total of 2,693 born, according to the San Mateo County Clerk-Recorder’s Office.

New to this year’s list are the names Elizabeth and Hannah — both have not made the top 10 in the last five years. Emma, is back on the list after a year’s absence. Christian and David made an appearance on the list — neither have cracked the top 10 in the county since 2003. Joshua, Ethan, Jack and Michael all moved up on the list, according the Clerk-Recorder’s Office.

Sophia was the only name to make the county’s top 10 list twice since new parents couldn’t decided whether to spell the name with a ‘ph’ or a ‘f.’ The top 10 girl names — in order of popularity — for 2005 were: Sophia, Isabella, Ava, Mia, Chloe, Emma, Sofia, Elizabeth, Hannah and Olivia.

The top boy names were: Daniel, Matthew, Joshua, Ethan, Jack, Alexander, Christian, David, Michael and Nicholas.

Traditional names gained popularity a number of years ago, taking the place of names like Kaitlyn. But there are still plenty of Kaitlyns about.

There is at least one Kaitlyn at Happy Campers Preschool in San Carlos. However, there are more Sophias, Mias, Avas, Tylers and Jacobs, said employee Audra Tsivikas.

There are still original names, too.

“We’ve got some that are different or sound a little made up,” Tsivikas said.

Think Khyree.

The traditional names fall in line with the rest of the country, according to a Baby Center Web site poll o 6,000 readers.

Baby Center also reports that the majority of respondents — 59 percent — believe a child’s name contributes to his or her success in life. While the majority of people said it was equally hard to name a boy or a girl, more — 33 percent — said it was easier to name a girl, compared to 19 percent who claimed it was easier to name a boy.

What’s really in a name?

Most of the names on the list are rooted in the Bible. Sophia means “wisdom” and Daniel means “God is my judge.” Emma means “all embracing” and Olivia means “peace.”


San Mateo County Names
Sophia, 36 Daniel, 35
Isabella, 35 Matthew, 33
Ava, 35 Joshua, 28
Mia, 21 Ethan, 26
Chloe, 20 Jack, 26
Emma, 20 Alexander, 25
Sofia, 19 Christian, 25
Elizabeth, 18 David, 25
Hannah, 17 Michael, 25
Olivia, 17 Nicholas, 24
Others: 2,202 Others: 2,421
Total: 2,430 Total: 2,693
Sophia Aiden
Isabella Ethan
Emma Jacob
Madison Jayden
Ava Caden
Addison Noah
Hailey Jackson
Emily Jack
Kaitlyn Logan
Olivia Matthew