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San Mateo Daily News


June 11, 2005


By Jean Whitney



Property values up



Property values in 2004 where up $9 billion in San Mateo County, according to the assessor, which will bring an additional $90 million in property tax revenue for the coming fiscal year.


Chief County Assessor Warren Slocum said the increase on the County’s 218,137 parcels was about 8.75 percent over the previous year. The revenue typically benefits schools, county government, cities and special districts.


Property owners will learn of the new assessments by mail beginning today, with the maximum hike of 2 percent allowed under state law.


“By advising property owners of their valuation in June, an owner will have the opportunity to review the information before they receive their property tax bill in the fall,” Slocum said. “If they have concerns, they can contact our office and request an informal review. If they dispute the results of that review, they can formally appeal the decision before the Assessment Appeals Board, an independent body that rules on these matters.”


Property tax payments, which are based on property values, are due to the tax collector in December and April.


The assessor’s office will set up a phone bank starting at 8 a.m. on Monday, for inquiries about assessments. The number is (650) 286-2800. Other information is online at